Microbiological Analysis

Microbiological Pathogen Testing Services

CYCAT provides microbiological testing of your company’s food samples to ensure the safety of your consumers. This crucial component of food testing effectively detects harmful microbial pathogens with a fast turnaround time so your company can quickly mitigate and prevent problems arising from contaminated food and beverage.

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Types of Microbiological Pathogen Testing Methods

Our microbiology team utilizes the following official methods from AOAC with 3M techniques and technology.

MDS: E.Coli O157.H7 AOAC Official Method 2017.01.
MDS: Listeria monocytogenes AOAC Official Method 2016.08
*MDS: Salmonella AOAC Official Method 2016.01
*MDS: Cronobacter AOAC Official Method 2018.01
MDS: Listeria AOAC Official Method 2016.07
MDS: STEC AOAC Performance Tested Method Certificate #071902








* Included in our Biological Scope of Accreditation

PetriFilm : AC Aerobic Bacteria AOAC Official Method 990.12, 986.33, and 989.10
*PetriFilm : EB Enterobacteriaceae AOAC Official Method 2003.01
PetriFilm : EC E.Coli.Coliform AOAC Official Method 991.14 and 998.08
PetriFilm : LAB Lactic Acid  AOAC
Performance Tested Methods Certificate #041701
*PetriFilm : RAC – Rapid Aerobic AOAC Official Method 2015.13
PetriFilm : RCC Rapid Coliform AOAC Official Method 2000.15
PetriFilm : REC Rapid E.coli.Coliform. AOAC Official Method 2018.13
PetriFilm : RYM Rapid Yeast and Mold AOAC Official Method 2014.05


Quality Service

Our team of experienced chemists and microbiologists provides dependable quality and unparalleled customer service.

Innovative Technology

We use advanced analytical instruments in our food safety testing lab to perform a wide array of high-sensitivity testing with accurate results.

Rapid Processing

Our food safety laboratory delivers quick and thorough results with attention to detail using state-of-the-art equipment.

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