CYCAT provides a wide range of chemical lab testing services to companies in hospitality, manufacturing, agricultural, and environmental industries and beyond. Ensure your consumer products meet compliance standards with environmental, microbiological, water, food safety, and quality assurance testing. CYCAT’s chemical testing and analysis services are meticulously performed by expert chemists and microbiologists with fast and thorough results.

Food Analysis

CYCAT’s analytical testing detects a wide range of chemical pesticides and heavy metals to help your company’s food products meet regulatory compliance requirements.

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Microbiological Analysis

Ensure the safety of your consumer goods with our lab’s water and food testing services to detect harmful microbial pathogens.

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Water Analysis

Our testing lab’s drinking water analysis detects eighteen different heavy metals, providing your company with the right information to quickly address water quality problems.

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Environmental Analysis

Quickly determine the safety of your groundwater through CYCAT’s quick and accurate environmental testing, featuring thorough heavy metals analysis.

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